Photomosaic needs your digital images for new mural

Mural artist Leigh Cassidy is looking for thousands of digital images for new mural

Leigh Cassidy is once again on the hunt for your photographs. Quesnel’s premier mural artist, Cassidy is tackling another photomosaic like the one she created on the Canadian Tire Store.

The newly constructed Johnson-Meier building at the corner of St. Laurent Avenue and Reid Street has one north-facing blank wall against the main Reid Street parking lot and Cassidy thought it would perfectly suit a photomosaic.

Cassidy suggested the owners apply for a building enhancement grant from the city. Several murals and other beautification projects were assisted with this grant program, where the city provides limited matching funding to building owners contributions.

In discussions with the owners, the architect and the businesses in the surrounding area, it was suggested the mural needed to be more modern in keeping with the building which is new construction and farther from from the historic downtown area.

With permission in place, thanks to the efforts of the building’s architect Lawrence Chuah of Enviro Construction Ltd. who was instrumental in coordinating the owners, city and the artist, the three-panel mural will hopefully be finished by Oct. 31.

The panels will be approximately 4X8, 6X10 and 8X12 with the first panel depicting SkyFest, the second Quesnel Rodeo and the third Communities for Veterans/The Ride Across Canada.

“Each large photo is comprised of thousands of small photographs pertinent to the subject,” Cassidy said.

“I need to have those photographs by Sept. 5 and they must all be digital files. The photographs must also be donated freely without expectation of compensation or return requirements. I’ll name as many contributors as possible who donate their images.”

Once all the photos are submitted, there is an extensive sorting process. Every single photo must be assessed. Then Cassidy begins assembling the mosaic. Once the graphics are determined and arranged (which takes a high-powered computer three days to create one panel and there are 6 – 8 panels), the graphics are printed on Alubest, which are aluminum composite panels specifically for outdoor applications.

In the meantime, Cassidy is looking for your photos, submit to or if you have a large number of photos call Cassidy, 250-991-0143 to arrange transfer of digital images.