Poverty doesn’t take a holiday

Salvation army asking for the public's help to stock the shelves

Lieutenant Stefan Van Schaick shows not only the empty shelves but also the type of food they need for the Salvation Army food bank.

In their ongoing efforts to provide food for the hungry and groceries for those in need, the Salvation Army is putting out a call to farmers, hunters and the public for donations of meat for the soup kitchen.

“We can accept any meat, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, wild game and can arrange for the processing if necessary,” Salvation Army Lieutenant Stefan Van Schaick said.

“We also appreciate fresh garden and tree fruit produce at this time of year for the soup kitchen. Anything surplus to the soup kitchen, such as apples, goes on our free table and those passing through the Warrior Song Cafe are welcome to help themselves.”

He added the only thing they can’t accept is anything canned at home (unless in a Northern Health approved kitchen.)

The Food Bank has seen steady numbers over the summer months. For the first two weeks of September, 81 households accessed the service and Stefan expects another 50 households will do so before the end of the month.

“That’s about 130 households and that’s pretty average,” he said.

“However, donations are always slower at this time of year. Our shelves are somewhat bare.”

The first step, before you donate, is to check the best-before-date on any non-perishable items, Stefan said.

The food bank can’t accept any item past that date.

As for what is most needed at the food bank, Stefan provided a top six items list.

• tuna

• canned veggies

• soups

• canned fruit

• mac and cheese

• pork and beans

“If I have to shop for items during the month, it’s for these top six items,” he said.

“They’re staples for the food bank.”

Now that people are back from holidays and school is once again in session, the Salvation Army would like to remind everyone that poverty doesn’t take a holiday and the need is always great.