Quesnel Shiraoi Twinning Society Takes charge of their own float

A brief history of Quesnel Shiraoi Twinning Society float

The Tori gate has been a part of Quesnel Shiraoi Twinning Society float for the past 20 years.

Up until  1995 the Quesnel- Shiraoi twinning society did not have a float. On a few occasions members and students walked carrying banners and wearing Japanese Yukatas.

In the  early 1990s members took part with Daishowa Pulp Mill float.  That ended in 1995 when Nippon Paper took possession of Daishowa.

In 1996 Marie Skinner as president suggested the  society have their own float. The society members asked Phil Demers to design a foundation theme for the float.

The Tori gate idea  was accepted and Phil donated the construction of the gate.

The Tori gate has been the foundation for the float for the past 20 years with new decorating  ideas each year from different members.

Over the years of Billy Barker parade approximately 10 times out of 20 years Shiraoi Twinning has won for best association or club.  The most recent win for the Society was in 2013 with the Tanabata festival.

Phil said,” he thought this year’s society float fell short of winning with a beautiful hand crafted cherry blossom tree, chaired by Diane Graham.”

– submitted by Diane Graham