The Power of One

Quesnel volunteers help countless organizations to do the good work they do

Compassionate visits to schools helps build empathy for animals.

Within any organization, the volunteers are the essence of the operation. The energy, ideas and determination brought by just one volunteer enriches the community greatly. Volunteers with the Crooked Leg Ranch team have given hours of time and depths of passion to support the mission of helping animals and pet owners.

The CLR has a foster coordinator who tracks the critters that come into care and then works to find suitable short term accommodation. The foster families have raised kittens, transitioned feral cats, cuddled puppies and loved the broken, sad, sick or fearful animals that come their way.

As well, the CLR has a volunteer who has attacked the issue of feral cats. Since becoming aware of an in-city site that boasted more than 50 cats, she and her team have monitored, trapped, transported, vet-checked, fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds of felines that were living rough and multiplying rapidly. Now, this volunteer can give accurate data on any of the rescues and regularly adds to this database.

The bottle collection team is an excellent example of a few who recognized a need and then stepped up to create and run a better system. We thank the many who donate bottles and cans but imagine what Fauna’s walkway was like when the bags of recycling overflowed the bins. Creative thinking employed assistance from the Community Living group which provides a better space and wonderful people to more frequently sort the bottles. Now a group of three ladies ensures that the recycling is done efficiently and effectively.

The CLR team has an opening for someone with a bit of spare time. We need a fundraising and social coordinator. This is a very part time volunteer position that requires someone who can brainstorm a few ideas on how to raise funds several times a year. Efforts like pub nights and poker rides have proved successful and might be part of the agenda. Others will help make the events successful but the coordinator will need to put ideas into place, secure venues and wrangle support. On the social side, the girls would like to have infrequent gatherings for volunteers in order to introduce each others and to celebrate the effort.

Consider joining the CLR team. If you are willing to share your talents,  contact us at or by email to

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Liz-Anne Eyford