BC Green Party policy still in daycare

Extending kindergarten to four- and three-year-olds, free child care, paying parents to stay home adds up to a fantasy

  • Apr 11th, 2017

Editorial – Wrong victim

Ohio convicted rapists receive sympathy and a plethora of excuses while victim is forgotten.

  • Mar 20th, 2013

Editorial– Stick to the real issue

BC Liberal tactic to gain votes is nothing new; issue lies with campaign reform.

  • Mar 14th, 2013

Editorial: Simple fix

An editorial about the dangers about texting and calling while driving and what the province is doing about it.

Editorial: Back at ‘er

The NHL is back in business after five months of sportscasts that sounded more like business reports

Editorial: Thank you

Duncan Barnett may have took the NDP candidacy for Cariboo North, but the real winner was democracy.

REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
  • 3 hours ago


Christy Clark on suddenly using ideas from NDP, Greens


Bear, bears and more bears


Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon delivers throne speech


Editorial: Up to us

Our region has yet another candidate declaring his intentions in securing a position to fight for our interests.

Editorial: Bad seeds

The federal government is bent on pushing medical marijuana grow operations out of residential homes.

  • Jan 3rd, 2013

Editorial: Change needed

A study released this month has revealed the cost the failed war on drugs is having on the British Columbia economy.

Editorial – Idiot proof

Humiliation might prove successful in deterring criminals.

Editorial: Money talks

Days away from the presidential election our American neighbours are finding out how much $2 billion looks like.

Editorial – Some like it hot

There’s been a flurry of gossip surrounding Justin Trudeau’s undeniable good looks and charisma

Editorial: Ban needs backing

With the recent ban on trophy bear hunting, it begs us to ask the question: people still do that?

EDITORIAL – Ban needs backing

With the recent ban on trophy bear hunting, it begs us to ask the question: people still do that?

Editorial – Going local

The decision for corporate fat-cat Disney to implement a blanket rental “hold” on its new releases for 28 days is short-sighted.

EDITORIAL: Remember the Paralympics

One of the greatest sporting events is about to take place in London.

Editorial: Starts at home

School District 28’s recent policy to implement anti-homophobia education is a huge step forward.

Editorial – Run it all or nothing

Editor weighs in on Quesnel City Council and the roles of reporters.

EDITORIAL: The value of time off

As Annie Gallant heads out for a much-anticipated two-week vacation, she's reminded of how important these time-outs are.

EDITORIAL: Scary stuff

The province’s highest voice on all things medical made a pretty bold statement when he claimed that MDMA should be legalized.