CFV – TRAC ready to cross Canada

Paul Nichols is looking for veterans to ride by his side and engage communities


Veteran Paul Nichols is taking a leap of faith to help raise awareness for the changing faces of veterans today.  His own experience of being thanked by a woman who had survived war in Bosnia for two years. Canadian soldiers saved her and enabled her to come to Canada to start a new life.  To witness her gratitude and appreciation was life-changing. And the realization that the sacrifice to his family was truly worth it in the end has inspired him to include more than 700 Canadian veterans on a ride with him to connect them with their communities to be thanked as well.

Communities for Veterans Foundation announced the schedule for the ride across Canada is complete. The awareness and fundraising campaign is going to visit hundreds of communities across the country. Now they are asking veterans and serving members to join the ride in their communities.

CVF – The Ride Across Canada (CVF – TRAC) is inviting veterans and members to join them on the ride to build awareness. Each veteran rider will receive a riding lesson and join the ride for a leg of the journey through their communities.

“We as soldiers have a code that says we look after our own,” veteran Paul explained.

“I want fellow veterans and serving members to come out and ride with me through their home towns and for communities to recognize them for a hard job well done.”

There are veterans from recent wars living among us every day, quietly trying to return to civilian life. This transformation can prove to be very difficult after being subjected to war. One of the goals of CFV – TRAC is to talk to veterans, community members and survivors to hear their stories and encourage discussions that open up communication and discover how communities can support veterans and their families.

“I realize now how ill prepared I was when my soldier returned home to me,” says Paul’s wife Terry said.

“How I expected him to be the same person that left – and that is not possible. I continue to learn how to support him and try and understand his demons the best I can.”

Terry is a therapeutic riding instructor and she is joining her husband on the ride. She will be giving veterans and serving members riding lessons to allow them to join the ride through their community.

The Ride will host more than 150 fundraising events over the course of the journey and hopes to create awareness for the changing face of Canadian veterans. To book an event – communities, groups and organizations can submit a request through the website or e-mail

The ride leaves from Victoria, B.C. on April 11 and will touch the Atlantic coast at the beginning of November.

For more information on this ride and how to register, please visit the official website of the Communities for Veterans Foundation at

About Communities for Veterans Foundation

The Communities for Veterans Foundation was started by Paul and Terry and is based out of Quesnel, B.C. The funds that are raised throughout the ride will support the expense of the ride, provide riding lessons for veterans and proceeds will support veteran programs already in existence.

About Paul Nichols

Paul is a former Calgary Highlander and served with the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) during the UN Mission in the former Yugoslavia. He is currently serving with British Columbia Company of the fourth Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.

About Terry Nichols

Terry is a therapeutic riding instructor and wife of a Canadian veteran.

Together they run their family farm, equine facility and Bed and Breakfast in Quesnel, B.C. with their two daughters.

For more information contact Terry Nichols, Communities for Veterans Foundation, 250-991-2463 or e-mail,