Chubb Lake, a great summer getaway

Five camps offer something for everyone as well as private rentals

  • Wed Apr 22nd, 2015 1:00pm
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This is one of the permanent buildins available at Chubb Lake.

Milton Rutherford and Graham McIntosh  were fishing on Chubb Lake 49 years ago and both had been praying together with their Pastor Reuben Schmunk for a suitable location to start a bible camp. Both were looking up at the tree-covered slope with a flat area at the top when they turned and looked at each other “wouldn’t this be an ideal location for our camp?”

By summer of the next year a huge tent with a sawdust floor was filled with excited children and their counsellors – Chubb  Lake Bible Camp has continued till this day.

I have been involved at this camp for more than 30 years and have directed a 50+ Camp for the past five years.

The wide road slopes down from the gate to the azure blue lake sparkling in the summer sunshine. You may see a red canoe out in the middle of the lake with a lone person communing with the Lord and His creation. The loons sing their familiar melody while an eagle swoops down to catch a fish. Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Churches hold five camps every summer. Want to join us? Here are the dates:

Men’s retreat May 22 – 24

Annual 50+ Camp  June 11 – 13

Kid’s Camp  July  5 – 10

Family Camp: July 31 – Aug. 3

Teen Camp August 9 – 15

Public rentals are still possible but all weekends are now booked. Phone 250-998-4609.

Come to the table in West Park Mall May 1 –  2 for more information  or call  Marian Gillard 250-992-7633.

– submitted by Marian Gillard