Dunrovin gazebo in need of TLC

The Hazel Telford Memorial Gazebo has seen better days and staff hope to revitalize the aging structure

Leanne Broughton is working hard to bring the Hazel Telford Memorial Gazebo back to life.

The Hazel Telford Memorial Gazebo at Dunrovin Park Lodge has seen better days.

Hazel Telford had been donating proceeds from her second hand shop for several years out of concern for the residents and after her tragic death in an explosion on Quesnel’s west side, Dunrovin decided to use the remaining funds from Hazel’s generosity to build a gazebo dedicated to her memory.

Built by Henry Marthinson and dedicated to Hazel’s memory Sept. 28, 1998, it was designed to be a place of enjoyment for families visiting Dunrovin residents as well as a spot to hold special events and informal gatherings.

However, after the Dunrovin rebuild, the gazebo became relegated to a back corner and has fallen into some disrepair.

Although Dunrovin has several patios, there are relatively few places where families and residents can gather outside for a pleasant visit and long-time Dunrovin recreation therapist Leanne Broughton is looking to change that.

“We’d like to refurbish the courtyard with the gazebo as the feature element,” she said.

“It needs work and so do the grounds in that area.”

Thanks to Richbar Golf and Gardens, Broughton has a rough outline of how the courtyard could look with simple improvements in the landscaping and an extension of a sidewalk that currently doesn’t reach the gazebo.

“It’s impractical for wheelchairs and walkers, the sidewalk needs to go all the way to the gazebo to be of use,” she said.

Of course, everything is depending on funding and Broughton is still waiting on word regarding that.

“We are planning on a work bee when we receive planting materials and begin refurbishing the gazebo,” she said.

“But some sprucing up could take place now in order to hold events in the interim while we wait for permanent refurbishment.”

As Dunrovin is the final home for many of Quesnel’s venerated seniors, Broughton is hoping community members will come forward and help with this small but important project.