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Students prepare for upcoming trip to Shiraoi, Japan

  • Fri Jun 5th, 2015 5:00pm
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Students prepare for their trip to Shiraoi

On May 21, I went to Shiraoi House to observe the delegation students on their progress during a Japanese lesson. They were each practicing enunciating Japanese words for their introduction. Tomoko went around to each one as they read their speech.

We could see the excitement in all their faces, as this delegation has about a month before they embark on their journey that will change their lives and nourish their imaginations forever.

Some of the students had so many questions, what if this happens or that?

“Don’t worry too much about things which may never happen,” Tomoko replied.

Later that afternoon the students got up and practised their dance, they will be performing in Shiraoi.

Then Tomoko went through their itinerary. Where they will be meeting in Vancouver Airport,  how long the trip will take to Japan, etc. There will be about a 11-hour journey heading to one of the airports near Tokyo, Japan on the first leg of their busy schedule. They leave June 28 and arrive June 29 in the afternoon in Japan.

“Should we sleep on the plane?” one student asked.

Tomoko replied, yes you should sleep as much as you can and whenever you can.

“They will have a very busy schedule once they arrive in Japan,” she added.

The delegation will stay on the main island of Honshu in Tokyo for few days, then on Shiraoi, Japan  on the island of Hokkaido.

While they are in Shiraoi, they will be staying with host families. Their days will be filled with different historic locations to share as a group.  At other times they will be with their host families and experience things their host families want to share with them.

“The students will have a panel discussion with the students in Shiraoi to exchange their culture and thoughts,” Tomoko said.

This delegation will come back with many stories to share with the rest of the community. They return to Canada July 10 and on this flight they will gain a day.

My husband Bob and I traveled with a delegation to Shiraoi, Japan in 2006, so we know some of what this delegation will be experiencing this July.  We were very thankful for this opportunity to share the Japanese culture and see the surroundings.

– submitted by Diane Graham