Getting her point across

Bev Fox is thrilled to have her wirting in Chicken Soup inspirational book

Although the poem which Bev Fox wrote first

When local author Beverly Fox became aware of the latest topic in the Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness, she felt it begged her to write her own short story on the subject.

“My goal in writing will always be to inspire readers to explore their faith and see life’s journey in the spiritual light of how God would have them live it,” she said.

“As it was Christ who told us to forgive, then showed us how to do that.”

Although Fox is dedicated to completing her trilogy in the Piper series, she has found it difficult to devote time to the final book.

“My Piper books explore, through a fictional medium of characters, how God wants us to live our lives whereas the Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness, invited me to show through a non-fictional medium how God wants us to live our lives,” she said.

Now that Fox has one short story accepted and included in this latest book, she receives regular call-outs but says if a subject comes up that she feels passionate about then she’ll consider another submission.

When asked what is the primary difference between a non-fiction article for Chicken Soup for the Soul and her fictional trilogy, Fox said as well as being a different style of writing, she feels the difference lies in the audience.

“Some people may hesitate to pick up a Christian novel, but there aren’t many people whose hearts haven’t been warmed by one or other of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, many of which inspire them to the same precepts God told them to live by,” she said.

“Call it chicken soup for the soul or being light and salt to the world, for me it’s about getting the point across.”

Fox went on to say the realization than an article she wrote was being published in mainstream literature, having such a widespread audience was most rewarding.

“People are already familiar with the Chicken Soup titles. They pick it up because they know in it they’ll be encouraged by real people, dealing with real problems,” she said.

“That they’ll be inspired and strengthened in their own journey. As I see it, that’s the essence of why we’re on earth – to come alongside people travelling the path we are and encourage them.

“The Chicken Soup book was an ideal avenue for that.”

Fox admitted writing is challenging but she feels very blessed.

“Being recognized in the are of non-fictional inspiration writing by Chicken Soup for the Soul, in addition to the latest recognition from the Christian Sector – being awarded bronze in the 2015 Illumination Awards for my second novel – I feel blessed. But also challenged, as to what God would have me write next.”