Sable, a black Labrador handled by Sherri Fleck from Whistler, leaps into the pool during the X-Treme Air Dogs Canadian Championship on Aug.12-13. Erin Lynes photo

Local pups hurdle to victory at Canadian dock diving championships

The X-Treme Air Dogs Canadian Championship was held in Quesnel Aug.12-13.

Fifty-one teams from across Canada and parts of the U.S. were on hand to compete in three dock diving events for top honours. Prizes for the champions were donated by Vetoquinol, Dr. Bianca Scheidt of Animal Care Hospital of Quesnel, Flexadin, Canadog Supply, Zentangle Mugtopia, Merck, Zoetis. Barb King from Marketing Divas provided video coverage.

The “Top Dog” points system combines results from all three events to crown an overall champion. This year’s winner hailed from Quesnel and is the operator of the Eromit AIRcademy dock diving pool, which hosted the event.

Erin Lynes and her black Labrador Retriever Shelby earned 4912 points during Hi Jump, Xtreme Retrieve (speed event) and Xtreme Air (long jump), which set a new Canadian record.

The Hi Jump Championship ran Saturday evening. During the Hi Jump event, a foam bumper is suspended over the water, using a magnet system.

Each team has two chances to knock the bumper down before it is raised to the next height. If the dog misses twice in a row, they are out of the competition. The last dog with a successful grab is the winner.

Shelby, handled by E. Lynes, took first place in the X-Treme Pro division with a grab of 7’4”. This tied the Canadian record, which was set last year in Kamloops by Taylor Sobchuk and Wilson, a black Labrador Retriever, from Edson, Alberta.

First place in the Pro division was nabbed by Pickle and E. Lynes; second by Avi and Tim Lynes; and third by Wilson and Karen Murray. Rim and Sobchuk earned fourth; Viper and T. Lynes were fifth; Neso and Christy Wheeler were sixth; and Ember and Derek Dixon placed seventh.

In the Semi-pro division, first place went to Shuger and Donna Kloc from Pitt Meadows. Scraps and Heather Peters took second; third went to Delta and Carol Kerkvliet; and fourth to Verona and T. Lynes.

The Amateur Championship was won by Sable and Sherri Fleck from Whistler, with Doug and Angel Dumoulin from Prince George in second place and Reckon and Dan Rouffousse in third.

The X-Treme Retrieve event requires the dog to run down the dock, jump as far as possible into the pool and then swim to retrieve a bumper, which is suspended with magnets, at the end of the pool, racing back to the ramp, where the fastest time wins. Each team has two chances to set their best time and the dogs are divided into three divisions based on their times.

X-treme Pro division

For dogs that complete the race in under 16 seconds.

First: Rim and Sobchuk, with a time of 15.75 seconds.

Second: Shelby and E. Lynes.

Pro division

Dogs within the time range of 16-19 seconds.

First: Mystic and Cindy Maloney from Edmonton.

Second: Pickle and E. Lynes.

Third: Avi and T. Lynes.

Fourth: Wilson and Murray.

Fifth: Vino and Leanne Dixon.

Sixth: Sable and Fleck.

Seventh: Emma and Heather Schneider.

Eighth: Ray and Eileen Bassett.

Ninth: Blaze and Janine Fraser.

10th: Shuger and Kloc.

Semi-pro division

Dogs with times of 19 seconds or more.

First: Viper and T. Lynes.

Second: Maybee and Lizzy Hay.

Third: Emer and D. Dixon.

Fourth: Delta and Kerkvliet.

Fifth: Neso and Wheeler.

Sixth: Charlie and Laura Grant.

Seventh: Scraps and Peters.

Eighth: Zero and Rouffouse.

Ninth: Doug and Dumoulin.

10th: Romeo and Megan McCullough.

11th: Bevynn and Marcela Bodorikova.

The X-Treme Air event had the highest number of entries. During this event, the dog jumps as far as possible. The distance of the jump is measured from the dock to the point where the base of the dog’s tail enters the water. Five different divisions encompass all levels. Novice is for dogs jumping up to 10 feet. The Amateur division goes from 10-15 feet, Semi-Pro from 15-20 feet, Pro from 20-25 feet, and the X-Treme Pro division for 25 feet or higher. Electronic measuring is used for complete accuracy.

The winner of the X-Treme Pro Division with a weekend-best jump of 26.1 feet was Rim, handled by Sobchuk. Second place went to Pickle and E. Lynes.

X-Treme Air

Pro division

First: Chester and E. Lynes, with a winning jump of 24.3 feet.

Second: Shelby and E. Lynes.

Third: Neso and Wheeler.

Fourth: Viper and T. Lynes.

Fifth: Ember and D. Dixon.

Sixth: Verona and T. Lynes.

Seventh: Delta and Kerkvliet.

Eighth: Maybee and Hay.

Ninth: Avi and T. Lynes.

Semi-pro division

First: Romeo and Megan McCullough of Quesnel, with a personal-best jump of 21.1 feet.

Second: Vino and L. Dixon.

Third: Scraps and Peters.

Fourth: Sable and Fleck.

Fifth: Spice and Katherine Rockwell.

Sixth: Booker and Jody Maley.

Seventh: Doug and Dumoulin.

Eighth: Deuce and Duane Fraser.

Ninth: Reckon and Rouffousse.

10th: Blaze and J. Fraser.

11th: Amber and Rockwell.

12th: Bevynn and Bodorikova.

Amateur division

First: Jet, a black Labrador Retriever handled by Darlene Wisecup from Ohio, with a best jump of 15.5 feet.

Second: Zero and Rouffousse.

Third: Emma and Schneider.

Fourth: Shuger and Kloc.

Fifth: Ray and Bassett.

Sixth: Ruger and T. Lynes.

Seventh: Vanilla and Barb King.

The Novice Championship went to Jolene, an Australian Cattle Dog from Kamloops handled by Bailey Adams. A Jack Russell Terrier named Kat earned second place, handled by Murray; in third place was a yellow lab named Gator owned by Peggy Aeichele.

The Novice Championship went to Jolene, an Australian Cattle Dog from Kamloops handled by Bailey Adams. A Jack Russell Terrier named Kat earned second place, handled by Murray; in third place was a yellow lab named Gator owned by Peggy Aeichele.