CNC balances budget

This week the College of New Caledonia’s board of directors approved a balanced budget, that will see 2.1 million dollars-worth of investments focused on student success through the College region.

The investments will see facility upgrades on campuses college-wide, along with upgrades to equipment to support new programming such as Sonography and the renewed dental hygiene program. CNC is also working to support student success by re-introducing counselling services at all campuses—all while maintaining the second lowest tuition rates in the province.

“This is a time of growth for CNC,” board chair Lee Doney said.

“We have come through some challenging years, and solid fiscal management is allowing us to re-invest in students and the communities we serve.”

Doney remains chair for the upcoming year. During the meeting, members also voted for Prince George resident Gil Malfair to serve as vice chair, with Mary Sjostrom from Quesnel returning to her position as vice chair regions. Board members continue to dedicate themselves to the success of the College, representing a wide range of skill sets and expertise to advise the college into the future.

As the college continues to provide a wide range of programming responsive to community needs, enrolment numbers continue to grow. Summer Intersession numbers are up, with a full slate of courses being offered in Quesnel, and the inaugural launch of Digital Delivery Instruction in Burns Lake. Applications are also on the rise heading into the fall semester, with programs such as Criminology, Fine Arts, Kinesiology, Nursing, Business Administration, Information Technology and Human Resources seeing a jump in interest.