CNC pay parking

Hot topic at city hall once CNC announced they would be installing pay parking at the Quesnel campus

He says it’s not necessarily that pay parking is the issue, it’s the “lack of consultation.”

Regardless, pay parking is being implemented at the CNC/UNBC Quesnel campus, effective Aug. 1.

“I find it more worrisome these decisions were just made without real consultation,” Mayor Bob Simpson said, pointing to the “restructuring” of the Quesnel campus, a decision announced earlier this year.

In June council wrote to CNC president Henry Reiser, stating:

“On behalf of council, I wish to inform you of council’s strong opposition to CNC’s unilateral decision to impose pay parking at our community campus and respectfully request that this decision be rescinded.”

Simpson also pointed then to the “restructuring” announcement by CNC’s president and the decision to implement pay parking at the Gold Pan’s campus.

“As I informed the president and board chair in person, the decision to institute pay parking came as a surprise to council and our community,” he said in his letter.

“If this mode of decision-making is reflective of what we can expect under CNC’s ‘one college’ strategic decision then our fears about centralized decision-making as a result of downgrading our regional manager position to a regional principal will prove warranted.”

Simpson said he’s not alone in his concerns over how “this president makes decisions.”

“We met with various officials on this issue and I find out on Facebook that they are moving forward on the pay parking,” he said.

For his part, Reiser said the college was facing a 2015/16 $2.8 million operating budget.

“I’m fully aware this is a controversial issue,” he said.

“But that amount is substantial [deficit] and the board made a decision.”

Reiser also pointed to the amount of maintenance and cost associated with the parking lot, also noting the Prince George campus implemented pay parking in 2003.

Cost for parking is $3 for 12 hours, or $567 for the year.

Council is currently looking into options for students, specifically transit and parking options (Rec Centre and Alex Fraser Park).

Council also passed a resolution to invite Reiser to a council meeting to discuss pay parking being implemented.