Celebrate your loved ones

Cancer Society recommends you honour your loved ones by volunteering to help those suffering with cancer

It has almost been two years since I lost my aunt to cancer. It doesn’t feel that long ago. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t even feel real. If there is one thing I hope to do for my aunt, it’s to use the experience to help others.

We look at individuals who suffer and think, “Why would this happen?” “Why can’t someone help them?” Well let me ask you something – Why can’t you? We were all created on this earth to help one another.

You can use your time and knowledge to help fight cancer by volunteering for activities that will help fund research on all types of cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer. If you’re looking for an opportunity to provide comfort and support to people with cancer and their families while they receive treatment, consider volunteering in a regional centre, lodge or local hospital.

Your role may include helping people receiving cancer treatment find their way around, helping them prepare for appointments and providing comfort while they’re waiting for or receiving treatment. You may also share information about the Canadian Cancer Society and other support services they may want to connect with in their community. Together, we create a unique environment that focuses on the needs of people living with cancer. Together we can make Canada a healthy place to live. By sharing life-saving prevention messages with our local communities. By telling lawmakers why increased cancer research funding is important to us. Working together, we can create social and political change that will help control cancer in Canada.

Create a memorial page on The Canadian Cancer Society’s website. With a few simple steps you can create a lasting tribute to a loved one — a tribute that will not only celebrate your loved one’s unique story but also provide friends and family with a powerful way to make their own impact in the fight against cancer. With a memorial page, you’ll be able to share stories and pictures, and inspire others to keep fighting for an end to cancer. Every donation to your page brings us one step closer to preventing cancer, detecting it earlier, improving treatments and helping Canadians live longer, healthier lives.

Ivana Topic is a volunteer with Canadian Cancer Society, Quesnel Branch.