Using technology in the bug battle

Ministry of Forests are using modern technology to battle the latest bush enemy, the spruce budworm

The ex-army 6X6 truck fuels up at Sylvia’s before heading to the next chopper rendevous.

One result of the changing climate we live in is that as soon as one forest pest dies out (through lack of pine trees for food) another starts multiplying and controlling it calls for a whole new approach – spraying – as shown in the picture.

The operator of the supply truck, Ray Herbert, left his ranch east of Lloydminister, Saskatchewan, to service and supply helicopters doing the spraying in the Quesnel area.

The truck, an ex-army 6X6, carries enough insecticide to spray a large area. The choppers land on the small pad on the top of the pesticide tank, fill up and go. The truck can then move to the next spot as needed.

Any drop of insecticide, while filling, is caught by the tank

on the truck, thus eliminating the danger of affecting other areas.

The photo was taken at Sylvia’s, where the choppers and truck were readying for the next task area.

There are two types of worms attacking our area, small areas by small areas.

How far we have come in technology and ingenuity.

Andy Motherwell is an amateur historian and regular Observer columnist.