Voice for Seniors responses to seniors’ needs

Peter Nielsen began the organization four years ago to address seniors issues

Peter Nielsen works to better seniors situations.

Four years ago, Peter Nielsen became the founding member of Voice for Seniors. His heart goes out to any senior in Quesnel who is short of food and many people have been helped.

When Peter sees any abuse of seniors’ rights, his group will step in to protest. One concern is the Drive Able Program which asks any senior on their 80th birthday to go to Prince George to take a driving test. If the person cannot meet the requirements he or she is not able to drive anymore, even just around town.

Peter says the group is making some progress with the government to reduce this stress.

There was another successful outcome when Voice for Seniors objected to the rule on our local transit buses which limited the bags seniors were able to carry on. Now they are permitted to take as many bags as they can reasonably handle.

One of the main concerns the group has is the treatment of seniors at G.R. Baker Hospital. Now they have found an ally in Daryl Petsul who manages the third floor. If there is a complaint, Daryl will see how he can help and let Voice for Seniors know.

Peter is also an active member of the Lions and glad to say progress is being made towards breaking ground for the Seniors Housing Project in North Quesnel. Expect movement next spring.

Voice for Seniors meets at the Legion every third Thursday at 2 p.m. Bring any reasonable concern and Peter and his team will step up to the plate. We are glad to have such a caring person in our city.

Marian Gillard is a seniors’ advocate and regular Observer columnist.