Welcome to the new museum column

Watch for the new column to bring information on new exhibits and activities at the museum.

Quesnel Museum and Archives as it appears today.

The Quesnel Museum welcomes young and old to come visit the past, look for your parents, your grandparents – family history.

There are items of interest for everyone…everything old is new again at Quesnel Museum and Archives.

The intent of this column is to generate interest in what the Museum has to offer.  By bringing certain items to your attention, we’d like to pique your curiosity in hopes you’ll show up at our door one day and  enquire about something you read about in this column.

The Museum is not static.  Displays are changing on a regular basis.

For example, this month Dude Lavington’s cabin is recreated, right down to authentic boards for the walls.

And all you old hockey players out there, be sure to come in and reminisce about all those goals you scored as you check out the Winter Sports exhibit.  Do the names Millionaires or Kangaroos bring back any memories?  We’re still looking to add to this collection/exhibit so if you have some memorabilia from yesteryear and would like others to enjoy seeing it, bring it in.

In this column we hope to have you help us out a bit –  for example:

Do You Happen to Have…a Siwash sweater you would consider donating to the Museum?  There are plenty of sweaters in the Museum – they just happen to be old hockey sweaters.  If you have a unique sweater with some history behind it, we’d love to have it and the story that goes with it.

Tell Me About…  if we need to know more details when we are setting up an exhibit, we’d like to call on you to help us flesh out the  display, either with your artifacts or your memories of that particular  era or event or where we can get items for that exhibit.

What Year Was This? There are literally hundreds of pictures in our archives that need labelling/identifying.  We’ll publish a picture and you can tell us when and where it is from, if you will.

Who on Earth is This? Last week’s Observer had a picture of Quesnel elementary high school staff.  No names were on it and we asked for help identifying staff members. At press time we have all but one person identified. Thank you.

Hoping to see you as you pass time at the museum.


When time, which steals our years away,

Shall steal our pleasures too:

The memory of the past will stay

And half our joys renew.

Honey Affleck is chair of the Museum and Heritage Commission with the Quesnel and District Museum and Archives.