Quesnel’s barrel racers were out in force on Easter weekend

Barreling in for a win

The sun was shinning down on Quesnel’s barrel racers as the saddled up and prepared for a day for racing.

  • Fri Apr 10th, 2015 6:00pm
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The sun was shinning down on Quesnel’s barrel racers as the saddled up and prepared for a day for racing both at the indoor and outdoor arenas at Alex Fraser Park, Sunday April 5.

Race 1

For the Open Races 1D, Coulter Gould brought home a first place time of 14.957 seconds.

With a time of 15.484 seconds Bobby Twan was awarded  first place in 2D.

Riding in for first place for 3D on mount Malibu was Debbie Roch. Roch took home the win with her time of 16.105 seconds.

In 4D, first place went to Jori Cripps on Beau with a time of 16.495 seconds.

For the Juniors, the winners were Taylor Cherry, Perri Lynn Leneve and Emma Lee.

Cherry came in with a first place time of 15.187 seconds for the 1D.

Taking first in 2D was Leneve on Betty with a time of 15.846 seconds.

Racing to first place for the 4D was rider Lee on Kate, clocking in at 17.399 seconds.

Barreling in for first place in the 1D Pee Wee races was Gabby Fouty on Topaz. Fouty and Topaz finished with a time of 16.714. Fellow barrel racers Kira Stowell took second place with a time of 17.331, proving that in barrel racing every second counts.

Race 2

It was a close call for the Pee Wee barrel racers Stowell and Fouty. First place went to Stowell on Pennies with a time of 19.320, with Fouty clocking in at 19.491 for second place.

For the Junior riders, 1D winner with a time of 17.498 seconds was Sofia Smith. Emma Langavin raced in on Bo for first place in 3D at 18.834 seconds. For 4D, Leneve barrelled over her competition to capture first place on Betty with a winning time of 19.515.

First place in the open races 1D went to Kristen Gjerde on Torque with a winning time of 17.173 seconds.

Racing in at 17.708 seconds and taking first place in the 2D Open was Roch.

Rider Debbie Reimer captured first place in the 3D Open with her fast time of 18.187.

And finally, Veronica Lee raced in on Kate with a time of 19.242 for first in the 4D Open.