‘Mayhem’ takes the Rumble

Dan 'Mayhem' Mott took the the fight of the night at Rumble.

  • Thu Dec 20th, 2012 5:00am
  • Sports

Dan (Mayhem) Mott, a local 2 Rivers boxer, took the unanimous decision in the ‘Fight of the Night’ in last weekend’s Rumble.

The Bouchie Lake Community Hall and the 2 River Boxing Club played host boxers from all around B.C., filling the card with ten bouts, seven of which featured local pugilists.

Mott took the Kelly Mooney Award, the prize for the bout of the night. The bout, originally intended to be the main event, was moved forward because his club wanted to leave before the final bout.

Mott went three full rounds against Dane Newell, from Shaolin Boxing Club, the fighter from Prince George, taking the match on a unanimous decision at the end of the three rounds.

Both Wally Doern, the trainer at 2 Rivers, and Mott were happy with the fight.

“The bout was great; it went perfect for me,” said Mott.

The two had decided to settle down in the ring after a series of los ses convinced them to change their game plan. The new plan, choosing punches more carefully and being more cautious in the ring, paid off.

“This time we knew he had to settle down and pick his punches for points; that was the key to his success. He was patient. He stalked his opponent and every shot Dan made was good in the judges eyes,” Doern said.

Dalton Starr and Isovani Torres, from Revelstoke, were the youngest boxers on the card, both fighting in their first bout. Torres came out with the vigour of a seasoned boxer, getting down to action right away, which took Starr by surprise. Starr got rocked, taking two eight counts before the bout was called in the first round in favour of Torres.

“If we were ready for him, we probably would have been OK, but we weren’t and Dalton certainly wasn’t. He surprised Dalton and overwhelmed him,” said Doern.

The third, and final, real bout of the evening for the 2 Rivers club was a rematch between Joey (The Mechanic) McKerricher and Jason Weiss, from Salmon Arm Bulldogs.

Last time they met, the result was the same, but McKerricher was optimistic that with his training and a well thought-out plan, he would be able to stand up to Weiss. Weiss had been hitting the gym hard as well and came out stronger than in their last match.

“He took a couple eight counts and just couldn’t hold up to the punching power of Jason Weiss,” Doern said.

In the only full bout without a Quesnel boxer, Brian Adkins knocked out Jon Obuson in the first round.

With four competition bouts, three of which featured Quesnel boxers, the night  featured the least full bouts that Doern  had ever had in a rumble. The exhibition matches made up for the lack of full bouts with Canadian Champions Jag Seehra and Kenny Lolly putting on a good show with two Quesnel boxers, Matt (Cowboy) O’Flynn and Haven (Sugar Train) Gillimare respectively.

2 Rivers’ boxers Daryl Petsul and Eric Dick fought an exhibition round, with Erin Dale, the only other 2 Rivers Boxer on the card, in her own exhibition round, the only female match of the night.

The club is currently looking for a new home and hopes to bring the bouts back into the community for their April 13 Rumble #18.