Quesnel’s Morrison excelling in her sport

From a young age Kassee Morrison had always wanted to try motocross and now she is fulfilling her dream.

  • Thu Sep 15th, 2016 8:00am
  • Sports

Kassee Morrison goes through the course during one of her races.


Observer Reporter

From a young age Kassee Morrison had always wanted to try motocross and now she is fulfilling her dream. Morrison, who is 16 is racing in the Canadian Women’s Professional Series and says she loves everything that is involved in motocross.

“The most exciting part is winning races, but I also enjoy meeting new people and it’s also fun to travel,” Morrison said.

Now in her third year of racing and first in the pro series, she says the move has been a great experience.

“It’s really cool being lined up at the gate with 30 plus girls and going around that first corner,” Morrison said.

During the north versus south series this year she captured the overall ladies cup, which was one of her biggest accomplishments in the sport. Morrison says she has a different game plan when racing, depending on whether she is competing against girls or boys.

“I’m more aggressive when racing with the ladies, especially when I know I can beat somebody, but with the guys I just try to lay back,” Morrison said.

“For girls it’s harder because we do not have the upper body strength that guys do so we have to work really hard for that.”

Although, she won the overall ladies cup in the north versus south series, she says there is always room to improve.

“I definitely want to improve on my speed,” Morrison said.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me my technique is very good but moving forward I need to keep working on my speed.”

Morrison says she always likes to do a walk through on tracks she isn’t familiar with to get the layout of the track.

“I usually like to walk the track and figure out what I want to do and see what jumps I can attempt to clear,” Morrison said.

After moving from Alberta to Quesnel she knew she wanted to get involved in motocross and says finding the Quesnel Motocross Association was a match made in heaven.

“Motocross was one of my favourite things to watch and something I always wanted to do and meeting the people from the QMA was a life saver,” Morrison said.

“They are basically like family because they are helpful with everything like making sure the track is safe and ready to go on race day.”

Morrison is another example of local talent shining bright in Quesnel.