’Roos triumph

Another game down and one step closer to the end of the regular season, the ’Roos bring in another victory against the Tomahawks.

  • Fri Jan 16th, 2015 3:00pm
  • Sports

Another game down and one step closer to the end of the regular season, the ’Roos bring in another victory against the Tomahawks.

The Lac La Hache Tomahawks skated in to Quesnel over the weekend, facing off against the ’Roos Saturday, Jan. 10.

Quesnel’s home team started the night off strong, quickly taking a five goal lead within the first 10 minutes of the game.

Only 21 seconds after hitting the ice the puck shot by the visiting team’s goalie and into the net as ’Roo Paul Giordat, assisted by Ryan Skinner and Tyrell Turgeon, scored the first goal of the night.

This would be the first of many goals to come for the Kangaroos, with the Tomahawks unable to surpass or even match their opponents.

Skating across the ice with the puck and dodging strikes from the oncoming Tomahawks for his second goal in a row was Girodat, this time assisted by Mitch Galbraith.

Continuing the ’Roos scoring streak was trio Coltin De Frais, Alessio Tomassetti and Justin Fulton. De Frais skated in for the goal, assisted by his ever helpful companions.

Fourth goal of the night and fourth goal for the ’Roos was scored by Ryan Skinner, with Fulton assisting.

The ’Roos fifth and final goal for the first period went to Quesnel’s trusty high scoring trio, this time with Fulton and De Frais assisting Alessio Tomassetti.

With the ’Roos strong lead the Tomahawks had their work cut out for them and by the end of the first period the visiting team had only managed to score two goals, still leaving the ’Roos with a substantial three goal lead.

Though the Tomahawks started the second period on a strong note, scoring a goal only two minutes and 31 second in, this small triumph was short lived with the ’Roos quickly taking charge of the match once more and maintaining the home teams three point lead.

The Kangaroo trio became the dynamic duo for the ’Roos first goal of the second period, with Alessio Tomassetti skating in for a goal assisted only by De Frais.

Matt Powell and Kyle Schisler assisted Fulton, gliding along the ice with the puck to score another goal for the ’Roos.

Though the Tomahawks were falling further behind, the visiting team was not through fighting just yet and managed to sneak the puck by ’Roo goalie Ryan Manderson for the fourth time that night.

With only seconds left in the second period Schisler skated in unassisted, bringing in yet another goal before the buzzer called the players off the ice.

In the third and final period and already four goals ahead, the Kangaroos were still not backing down.

Galbraith has reason to celebrate as he scored back-to-back goals, with his first goal assisted by Turgeon and Girodat while his second goal was score with the help of Cam Kilbreath and Girodat.

It was in this final period of the night that the ’Roo trio jumped into action once more, scoring their third goal and the ’Roos 11th goal of the night. The goal went to Alessio Tomassetti, assisted by De Frais and Fulton.

The last goal of the match went to ’Roo Nick Tomassetti, with Skinner assisting.

As the final buzzer sounded the ’Roos were eight goals ahead of the Tomahawks for a final score of 12-4.

The ’Roos currently hold seven wins, six losses and one overtime loss with only two games remaining in the regular season before the playoffs.

Next up for the Quesnel boys are back-to-back away games, first taking on the Terrace River Kings Jan. 17 followed by a match against the Smithers Steelheads on Jan. 18.