Waveriders take on Provincials

Four Waveriders faced the competition in Surrey at the AAA Provincials, accompanied by junior coach, head coach and swim club president.

  • Fri Mar 20th, 2015 1:00pm
  • Sports

Four Waveriders faced the competition in Surrey at the AAA Provincials, accompanied by junior coach Brad Swyers, head coach Jerritt Brink and swim club president Angela Swyers.

Angela Swyers attended the event as part of her training to be a referee and served as the starter.

The meet was attended by Natasha Hanson, Leif Brandson, Logan Godsoe and Billy Swyers.

Lone female competitor for the Waveriders Hanson swam in the 14 – 15-year-old category.

Swimming in four events Hanson came in the top 40 in two.

Hanson took 42nd in the 50m Butterfly, 41st in the 100m freestyle, 39th in the 50m freestyle and 38th in the 800m freestyle.

Having qualified Hanson will attend the AA Long Course provincials in Victoria this July.

Waverider Brandson brought in six personal best times at the meet, as well as coming in the top 12 in six of his events.

Brandson made it to the finals for both the 100m backstroke and the 200m backstroke, placing fourth in both.

Brandson will be heading to the AA Long Course provincials this June and will be competing in the 12 – 13-year-old category.

Twelve-year-old Godsoe brought in personal best times in all his swims and ranked in the top 10 in five events.

Godsoe took 10th place in the 100m breaststroke, eighth in the 100m backstroke and sixth in the 400m freestyle, 100m freestyle and 50m freestyle.

Godsoe is also set to attend the AA Long Course provincials.

Swimming in six events and coming in the top 20 in three was Waverider Billy Swyers; placing 20th in the 100m backstroke, 16th in the 50m backstroker and 12th in the 50m freestyle.

He will be attending the AAA Long Course provincials alongside fellow Waveriders Hanson and Godsoe.

Next up for the Waveriders is PGB Dental Moose Meet April 17 – 19.