Letter to the editor: National pride doesn’t need divisive talk

A letter looking at what it is to be a nation and what it means to be Canadian.

Letter to the editor: My vote is Coralee

A letter explaining a Cariboo resident's choice to vote for Coralee Oakes.

Letter to the editor: Bob all the way

A constituent's choice to vote for Independent candidate Bob Simpson.

Letter to the editor: Observer readers weigh in on election

Several letters from Quesnel residents discussing the provincial election.

Letter to the editor: Thank you for your courage

Betty Beaven thanks the author of "A letter of apology, a letter of hope"

Letter to the editor: Duncan is my choice

Former Quesnel mayor explains his choice to vote for the NDP

Letter to the editor: Kolody believes a vote for Coralee is a vote for free enterprise

A letter discussing a resident's choice to support Coralee Oakes.

Letter to the editor: Forum well done

Coralee Oakes thanks the Quesnel Labour Coalition for the all candidates forum.

Letter to the editor: Kind caring person

Kaila Poore shares her experience volunteering alongside Bob Simpson and his staff.

Letter to the editor: Police targeting new drivers

A father explains his son's first experience driving on his own.

Gywn Morgan

Liberals are best answer for BC’s future

Contributor urges careful consideration from voters before ballots are cast

Gywn Morgan

Letter to the editor: Lots of talent in Quesnel

Frank Sirianni gives an update on how the Search for the Golden Throat contest went.

Letter to the editor: Thanks Quesnel

A letter from Meriel Wild discussing the Petsafe fundraiser.

Letter to the editor: Letter concerns are delusional and irrational

Ernest Gamache writes a response to Ron Paull's letter Thin Edge of the Wedge.

Letter to the editor: The thin edge of the wedge, answers wanted

Ron Paull discusses the city's affordable housing strategy and the rezoning to allow secondary suites.

Letter to the editor: New Veterans Charter certainly not satisfactory

A letter written by Tex Leugner about the New Veterans Charter.

Letter to the editor: Fossil fuel burning will lead to human extinction

A letter from Ron Thompson discussing the effects of fossil fuels.

Letter to the editor: Rogers, end of an era

An open letter informing about the closure of Rogers Resort after 63 years.

Quesnel traffic stop nets26 pounds (12 Kilograms) of marijuana

Traffic Enforcement personnel netted a little more than they expected from a vehicle that was speeding.

Letter to the editor: Adds up

Meriel Wild writes in to weigh in on council spending on meals etc.