AC&D Insurance launches new policies

AC&D Insurance is pleased to announce a new line of policies for customers available from DAS Canada.

AC&D Insurance is pleased to announce a new line of policies for customers available from DAS Canada.

These new policies give clients 24/7 access to legal advice from specialized lawyers across Canada.

Sandra Lewis, office manager said this is an advantage to clients, especially since legal fees are so expensive.

“It’s a new type of insurance which is really popular in Europe and is now being offered,” Lewis explained.

“This is a good product and what we have to do is educate the general public.”

These new policies cover the cost of legal fees to pursue or defend an insured event.

“Many of us don’t go see a lawyer, we can’t afford the time and don’t know if we’re going to win the case,” Lewis said.

“You’re at the mercy of the courts and the lawyers and sometimes you walk away because you don’t have enough money to fight.”

The lawyers in this program each specialize in certain areas, giving an advantage to customers who may not know if they have a case or not.

“If something happens, you can call, get advice and if the event is covered, a claim is started.

“If it is not covered, advice is provided.”

“The costs are covered from start to finish.”

Lewis said this is especially useful in small communities such as Quesnel.

“We don’t have specialized lawyers here and these policies give you access to specialized lawyers across the country,” she explained.

There are many different benefits to adding this policy to your existing insurance plan.

These policies cover everything from contract disputes, employment disputes and taxation disputes.

“The only thing that isn’t covered is anything intentional,” Lewis said.

Lewis said having the legal advice available sometimes means cases can be settled outside of the courts.

“Most things can be settled with just a letter from a lawyer,” she said.

Lewis said these policies might be especially helpful to those whose livelihood depends on legal protection, specifically truckers.

“Truckers have to fight all tickets because it affects their licensing and their ability to drive,” Lewis explained.

She added most truckers just don’t have the time or money to fight these cases.

“They’re dependant on their ability to drive, which is their livelihood,” Lewis said.


For more information about these new policies, visit AC&D Insurance at 234 Reid St. or call 250-992-5544.