Quality in numbers

It’s the same, only different.

QTAX, Quality Tax Services is Kevin Christieson’s, formerly of H&R Block, new tax business.

Christieson managed the local H&R Block for the past 16 years and since December 2010, he has embarked on his own adventure – the opening of his very own tax preparation bureau.

Christieson has noticed some confusion among clients and to address this, states: “All of our staff from H&R Block last year are now at QTAX Quality Tax Services and contrary to what some people are saying, we have not retired, we are not out of town and we are not out of the tax services business.” Christieson invites our former and new clients to their new location at 358 Vaughan Street, about half a block north of the arena or to call them at 250-992-6398.

“We offer the same professional personal friendly service but at lower rates. Come in at anytime as no appointments are necessary,” Christieson said.

Similar to when operating last years business, Christieson states privacy is a great concern at QTAX Quality Tax Services.

Unlike other tax preparation firms, when a client’s tax return is prepared at QTAX, the only place a client’s confidential information will be sent is to Canada Revenue Agency (unless requested by client).

Christieson also states that unlike his competition, there will be no requirement to sign a privacy agreement, as the client’s personal information will never be transmitted to a head office in Canada or the United States or to any affiliated business.

Christieson stresses that when you place your trust with QTAX Quality Tax Services your confidential information will never be shared.

“Our biggest struggle to date has been notifying all our clients that we are no longer with H&R Block,” Christieson said was the biggest challenge of starting a new business.

“We have done our best but some clients have still have not heard that we have started this new business.

“After going to our old office our clients seem relieved to have found us and vow to return to us next year at our new location.”

When asked about future goals with QTAX Quality Tax Services Christieson said they want to continue to provide their clients with affordable quality tax and business services, adding with their over 75 years of combined tax experience their tax team can definitely be an asset preparing your tax return or assisting you with your business.

And, returning clients take note –  if you bring in your receipt from last year’s tax preparation, QTAX will give you twenty percent off what you paid last year.

Although extremely happy with their new office, there are plans to expand the waiting room and make the office wheelchair accessible.

Christieson said as his business continues to grow he will look at expanding into other communities, however he maintains the clients come first.

“And we will do our best to accommodate our client’s needs,” he said.