An invitation to Heavenly Father’s world

I love the smell of WD-40. I think WD-40 would make great cologne for men.  There is something just so masculine about it.  Spray some on and you’ll have the instant acknowledgement of every man who has ever worked in a garage or shop at home,  “Now there goes a man who knows how to fix a carburetor!”   There are some smells that are strictly a man’s world.

For example, the hardware store is filled with a myriad of smells that men love:  paint, oil, wood and fertilizer.  A men’s barber shop is a mixture of Barbicide, shaving cream and musky smelling hair. It smells so darn manly!  And let’s not forget the warm, rich, smokey smell of an aged single malt scotch whisky my dad drank (in moderation always) to mention just a few.

It’s Fathers Day this month and I’m thinking about my dad and how fortunate I am that he is my father and all the places he used to take me when I was a boy.  A sort of invitation into his world.

A calling out of a boy into the world of men and stuff men do and places where men go to…or escape to.

“How precious are your thoughts about me, O God! They are innumerable!” (Psalm 139:17-18b.)

If there is anything to be learned it is this – children want to be the delight of their fathers and to be invited and initiated into their world.

This Father’s Day, you have available the offer of a Heavenly Father who delights in you and wants to draw you into his world; to give you an inheritance as a son or daughter.

Happy Fathers Day!

Tim Hall is a pastor with Victory Way Church.