Biking, the only way to ride

Roxane Wilson loves cruising on her bicycle.

Roxane Wilson loves cruising on her bicycle.

Roxane Wilson first learned to ride a bicycle at about seven years old and still enjoys biking today.

She bikes everywhere in the community and feels it gives her a sense of independence.

“You have to be aware of other traffic and street signs,” she said.

Wilson maintains being around traffic is the biggest threat to cyclists.

“Sometimes they see you, sometimes they don’t,” she added.

“I try to make eye contact with the drivers and so far they’ve been pretty good to me.”

Wilson has worn a bike helmet since before it became mandatory but says she sees people still not wearing them.

“You can’t tell people how important it is to wear your helmet, they have to decide that for themselves,” she said.

Wilson loves to cruise on her 21-speed mountain bike.

“I can cruise pretty fast, especially downhill,” she said with a grin.

“I enjoy the sun, cruising on the bicycle path as I prefer to ride where there’s no traffic.

“Then you can enjoy the ride.”

However, when the snow begins to fly, Wilson puts the bicycle away for the winter.

“I’m afraid I’ll get hurt,” she said.

“I don’t want to break any bones.”

Wilson said the most important thing for her is to be safe and she wants other cyclists to also be safe.

“Be safe, wear bright clothing and have a light on your bike for night riding,” she said.

“But always have fun.”

Wilson is one of several local people nominated in the Commuter Challenge 2011.

The challenge was to nominate someone who rides their bike, walks, runs or in any way gets to work, school or around town under their own steam regardless of the weather.

The challenge is sponsored by Baker Creek Enhancement Society and the Quesnel Climate Action Group who vote today, Clean Air Day, on who the best commuters are and prizes will be awarded.