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Book tells story of hardy Cariboo pioneers

The Land on Which We Live gives the history of the 70 Mile House to Bridge Lake area

Barbara MacPherson, a woman who spent several years as a child living in Bridge Lake, has written a book about the region known as the North Bonaparte.

Her book, The Land on Which We Live, Life on the Cariboo Plateau: 70 Mile House to Bridge Lake, came out recently and has already gathered positive reviews and is on the B.C. best seller list.

A result of four years of work, it focuses in on the people who came to the region from 1871 to 1959.

MacPherson presently lives in Nakusp with her family.

She has several readings and book-signings planned for October in Clearwater, Bridge Lake, 100 Mile House, Clinton and Kamloops.

She’ll also appear on CFJC TV in an interview with Susan Edgell.

The following is a review of McPherson’s book by Clearwater-based author Pat Ferguson:

New book gives history of the Cariboo Plateau

The Land on Which We Live, Life on the Cariboo Plateau: 70 Mile House to Bridge Lake – what a fine piece of work by Barbara MacPherson.

She has researched the pioneer history of the Cariboo Plateau, which began in earnest as the gold rush was petering out.

Many of the settlers were already tough, seasoned ranchers and farmers from the prairies and south of the 49th. Others were complete dudes from far and wide.

Much of the good farmland was already settled on, leaving the high plateau country for the brave and determined newcomers.

They soon found the late springs and early winters quite a challenge, as the growing season was so short.

Over time the tough and resilient pulled through while the weak and unlucky faded away.

Throughout this book I ran into names of ranchers, farmers, cowboys and even relatives that I had met over the years.

I would recommend this book for compulsory reading in schools, as it would show the younger generation that people actually did survive without running water, electricity and cellphones.

– Clearwater resident Pat Ferguson is the author of Gone Huntin’, Gone Huntin’ Again and Cowboys, Good Times and Wrecks.

Jean Nelson (right) a longtime resident of Blue River and Clearwater, remembers with her sister Kerstie MacLean the good times they had when young at the Double T Hall in Bridge Lake. Nelson was one of the contributors to Barbara MacPherson’s book, The Land on Which We Live. contributed photos