Child-friendly designation coming to businesses in Quesnel

Selena Weiers is visiting local businesses to advise them on how to become child-friendly

Selena Weiers appreciates the activities for daughter Aimee available at the Observer.

Selena Weiers appreciates the activities for daughter Aimee available at the Observer.

Selena Weiers would like to see every public business and office in Quesnel become child-friendly.

“Becoming child-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming,” Weiers said.

“It can be as simple as ensuring your business has clear signage for the restroom or putting a step stool in the restroom for smaller ones to wash their hands.”

She also said becoming child-friendly can be interpreted as disabled-friendly, senior-friendly and stroller-friendly.

Weiers is a child-friendly community facilitator and is visiting local businesses with information and encouragement to consider becoming child-friendly certified and proudly displaying the star which tells others of their child-friendly compliance.

Child-friendly compliance has some common practices to all businesses including clear signage to restrooms; flip-down child’s toilet seat installed on one or more toilets; sink installed at child’s height or sturdy step stool provided; play area equipped with clean, safe toys and books for children, including school-aged children; give-away items (stickers, balloons, small toothbrush) offered to children; and staff who regularly greet children and make an effort to help them feel welcome.

There’s a list of other efforts businesses can make to become child-friendly and Weiers would love an opportunity to discuss this with business operators.

And Weiers added there are some real benefits to becoming a child-friendly business.

“In a child-friendly business, customers with children feel more comfortable,” she said.

“And comfortable customers means increased customer loyalty and that can mean more sales.

“Family customers usually stay longer and this again, could mean more spending per visit.”

And Weiers was also quick to point out it’s not just parents that are buying for and with children.

“Grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends are spending their money with children and if they like what your business has to offer, they’ll tell others.”

The child-friendly initiative is funded by United Way and Ministry of Children and Family Development and administered through the Quesnel Child, Youth and Family Network, specifically Success By Six.

Success by Six is not a program but a community collaboration with the vision to build the capacity of parents and communities to support children aged 0 – 6 to become healthy, safe, secure, successful learners, socially engaged and responsible.

The primary role of Success by Six is to raise the profile of the importance of the 0 – 6 years.

Child-friendly designations at public businesses is one of the many ways the Quesnel Child, Youth and Family Network and Success by Six are working towards its vision.

“I’m looking forward to working with Quesnel shops and businesses to assist them in becoming child-friendly,” Weiers said.

For information on the child-friendly certification and how you can apply it to your business, contact Weiers at 250-991-2821 or email her at