CHIPS program showing great results

Quesnel CHIPS program attendees are showing good results in their effort to change their life

The 2013 Quesnel CHIP, “Complete Health Improvement Project,” is into its final stages and has once again shown itself to be a program that delivers “Proven Results” and  “Priceless Benefits”. The  participants are enjoying being “CEO” and “Chairman of the Board”  for everything that goes into their bodies and influences their health and wellbeing.  To be truthful, not everyone in the program had spectacular results, but the averages were still impressive. Of the 24 participants in this year’s program, the average drop in Total Cholesterol (TC) was 13 per cent, which represents a 30 per cent drop in risk of heart attack – very significant if you are the one experiencing that kind of life changing result. LDL  (bad cholesterol) was down an average of 11.3 per cent and triglycerides were down 18.1 per cent. The average weight loss was 9.8 pounds and blood pressures were also down along with pulse rates. These results are amazing when one realizes that these results are accomplished in only 30 days of following the CHIP program.

One of our participants had a 41.9 per cent drop in TC and with that drop he is now considered practically “heart attack proof” by some researchers. Joining the program while still taking some cholesterol lowering drugs, he is hoping his physician will take him off the medications, an action which will save him both money and side effects. And he still enjoys the other health benefits the program has afforded him. His LDL is down by a whopping 55.6 per cent. He is now 14.5 pounds  lighter on the scales and says, while on this program, he has eaten more food than ever before. He reports that he has not been hungry since starting CHIP and now talks about his new lease on life and that he expects to live longer and happier while enjoying his family well into his retirement.

Another participant, also on cholesterol lowering drugs, managed to drop her TC by 33.8 per cent and her Triglycerides by an amazing 69 per cent. We do not have an LDL drop for her as the Triglycerides were so high at the start of the program that the LDL could not be measured by the lab. Happily though we can now report that the LDL is well into the “ideal” range (1.76) and the Triglycerides are down to 2.91. She lost 11 pounds and her blood pressure went from 140/86, which is high, down to 121/77 which is normal. She is delighted, of course and her doctor has taken her off the statin drugs.

The CHIP program has been an annual event in Quesnel since 2009 and has now had more than a hundred graduates. People in all walks of life, who are interested in living life to the fullest and taking charge of their own health to assure that positive destiny, have found in CHIP the secret to being “Healthy By Choice, not By Chance.” CHIP teaches people how to eat cholesterol-free and to enjoy more food than ever before, yet lose those unwanted pounds. Yet, CHIP is not a diet, but a lifestyle and an enjoyable, satisfying one that will help you be healthier and save money on your groceries. People with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other chronic diseases are being helped in such a way as to assure long-term results.

CHIP is not a miracle program but just sensible lifestyle changes that help bolster health in general by giving our bodies a chance to perform in the way they were meant to. CHIP  has nothing to sell, no special juices to drink that can only be purchased from CHIP, no medications to buy (in fact you may be able to reduce or eliminate, with your doctor’s approval, existing medications).

This program is just common sense health education which can enable you to make well-informed, better choices for yourself, by yourself. CHIP will not tell you what to eat, drink or do. It will, however, show you the evidence surrounding lifestyle choices that, if followed, will greatly enhance your general health and maybe even give you a new lease on life. Your life may actually last longer, not just seem longer!

In just thirty days you too may enjoy these benefits. If you would be interested in CHIP, please contact me, Dr. Corbett, at 250-992-3444 or at “I volunteer my time, as do the entire CHIP staff. I would be delighted to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.” Remember, you can be “Healthy By Choice, not By Chance.”

–submitted by Keith Corbett