Vancouver comedian Ed Hill is performing Saturday, Feb. 5 in Quesnel. (Photo courtesy Brandon Hart Photography)

Vancouver comedian Ed Hill is performing Saturday, Feb. 5 in Quesnel. (Photo courtesy Brandon Hart Photography)

Comedy returning to Quesnel with Taiwanese-Canadian show at Barkerville Brewing

Ed Hill is building up to filming his second hour-long comedy special

Quesnel residents will get a chance to laugh again after a long and exhausting winter, as comedian Ed Hill will be bringing his act to the Barkerville Brewing Company.

Hill is the first Taiwanese-Canadian comedian to release a one-hour comedy special and has toured across Canada and Asia.

”I was just bored,” Hill said, laughing while recalling what got him into comedy.

“There’s something inherently funny about who we are on this planet. Some things just don’t make sense, some things do, and those intricacies are just hilarious.”

Hill, a former nightclub DJ, has been doing comedy for the last decade, and started touring seven years ago, usually travelling across North America and Asia annually.

“With COVID hitting in 2020 that kind of put a wrench in things,” Hill said.

“Now that things are opening a little bit, I’m hoping to go back on the road… Obviously Asia is out of reach, so it’s going to be North America and the tour is going to lead up to the second special filmed at the end of the year.”

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Hill hopes to film his second special in Taiwan, after filming the first in Vancouver.

“I do enjoy going to smaller places,” he said.

“People are people, and you really get to know the perspective of people in different places.”

His special, “Candy & Smiley” was named after his parents, and focused on his experience growing up in Vancouver and Taiwan. The second special is planned to focus on Hill’s relationships with the women in his life.

“The reason for that, is because the ultimate female figure in my life is actually Canada,” he said.

“Taiwan is father, Canada is my mother, and I spent more time in Canada, and learned my values here.”

Tickets for the event are available at

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