Committed to his bike commute

Ian McIlvenna rides his bike to work every day.

Ian McIlvenna rides his bike to work every day.

When Ian McIlvenna and his family moved to Johnson subdivision it made more sense for him to ride his bike to work than drive.

“It’s only 3 km to Cariboo Pulp and Paper,” he said.

For the better part of 15 years, McIlvenna just rode his bike in the nicer weather but for the past five years he makes the bike ride, rain, snow, sleet and sunshine.

“It’s just so easy to jump on the bike and get to work,” he said.

In winter he outfits his bicycle with studded tires for better traction.

What’s the worst part of his bike ride to work?

After some thought, McIlvenna said the vehicle drivers who get just too close are a problem and when the winter gravel piles up on the road, it makes for a bit riskier of a ride.

“But the city does a good job of keeping the roads clear,” he said.

One of his best stories about biking to work just happened a couple of days ago.

“I almost t-boned a moose,” he said with a grin.

McIlvenna is one of several nominees for Quesnel’s Commuter Challenge 2011.

Baker Creek Enhancement Society and the Quesnel Climate Action Group is looking for people who regularly commute around town using their own steam.

They are looking to reward people who are reducing their carbon foot print and staying healthy at the same time.

Quesnel Climate Action group will vote on who the best commuters are on Clean Air Day, June 6 and prizes will be awarded.