Downtown renos

As you may have noticed, many businesses in the downtown core of Quesnel have recently, or are in the process of renovating.

Fraser River GM owner Shane Thon recently approached Quesnel city council to ask permission to make several upgrades to the exterior of their building.

The list of projects cover every aspect of the business.

“Major exterior and entranceways are key components,” Thon said.

The renovations the dealership has been planning are in conjunction and comply with a national rebranding project GM has undertaken.

“Flooring, furniture, signage and colours are dictated by General Motors,” Thon explained.

Although General Motors dealerships are undergoing renovations nationwide, Fraser River GM’s renovation is unique and tailored to the community.

“The program is a national joint venture with the entire dealer network, but each individual dealership must comply with key facility elements,” Thon said.

Thon feels this project will enable General Motors to create a more consistent experience for customers.

“The purpose of the facility image program is to create a uniform dealer network look across Canada and enhance our franchise brand strength,” he said.

The new dealership hopes to have all projects completed by July 2012.

Another downtown business which has recently undergone a facelift is Spa Rivier.


Owner Donna Felker and daughter Deanna McCulloch have been planning this major over-

haul for quite some time.


“We have been thinking about doing this work for about three years,” Deanna said.

“We’ve always been doing renovations such as painting the walls, but it was time to do a more complete transformation.”

For Felker, it was more about transforming the spa into the vision she had always had in her mind.

“We took it to a more upscale look and now it’s what I had always pictured it to be,” she said.

“Once these projects are done, the flooring and shelves should be good for another 20 years.”

Felker got the idea for the renovations and decided it was time to go through with them after she and Deanna went to a conference in Vancouver.

“About three years ago, I went to a seminar in Vancouver and one of the keynote speakers was a gentleman from New York City and he was a designer, specializing in spas,” Felker explained.

“I saw his presentation there and that’s when I started thinking about this project.”

The project took seven months from start to finish and was no easy feat.


“The most challenging part was

the co-ordination,” Felker said.


“We did a lot of the work ourselves, we did the painting, we were here while the salon was open and we were here while the salon was closed,” McCulloch added.

The next step for the spa is adding aromatherapy and wellness to its menu of services.


Visit Fraser River GM, 340 Carson

Ave. and Spa Rivier, 371 Reid St. to see the changes they’ve made.