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Gearing up for Easter

Another beautiful Cariboo Spring is upon us and with spring here in our beloved Q-town comes unpredictable weather.

One day it is beautiful and we get visions of lazy days lounging on the sundeck and the next day it may be snowing – so very Cariboo-ish.

But, if you were lucky enough to take in the Febreze Spring Fling and get in on the great deals on plants, flagstone, bark mulch, etc., then good for you.

It was a fabulous display and a chance to get an early start to our spring wish list, so good for you for getting out there and enjoying this spring event.

But in keeping with our theme of our Cariboo unpredictability we all seem to have a penchant for waiting until the last minute to commit to one of our planned events.

Case in point is the Robert Service evening slated for last weekend. All that hard work preparing, organizing and sweating over bringing a quality evening filled with so much enjoyment and where were we all?

Why do we all wait until the last minute to set the organizers of these events minds at rest that they will have an audience.

Oh well, just like spring, we cannot change what seems to be a quality we all share.  Rumour has it that it was a great success and everyone who attended had a evening well worth their admission.

Thank you to all the organizers – the Legion could not survive without your generous contributions of time and energy.

Rib Night has been postponed until September.

So in case you were looking forward to dipping your fingers into these delectables  you will need to wait until the fall – bibs included.

For those of you who know our illustrious president Neil Huntsley, hopefully you wished him a very big happy birthday, March 29.

He turned (drum roll please) 75 years young, but ssssshhhhhhh don’t tell him I told you.

April 2 Clinton’s Legion is celebrating its 65th anniversary. We will have representation from Branch 94 attending the festivities.

Also included at that time will be a presentation to Serena Ambler from Clinton who placed first in Senior Poetry in the Posters, Poems and Essays contest.

Her entry will be going to the national competition so our Cariboo zone will be represented nationally.  Not too shabby.

Way to go Serena and thank you to all the entrants.  I helped judge locally and it is always a difficult job deciding on placings.

Also happening in our local branch April 2 is the year end party for the Darts’ Club who meet regularly throughout the year.

Some very gifted players reside in our community. If you have any interest in becoming part of this group, just drop in at the office for information. I’m sure you would be most welcome.

Don’t forget the next general meeting is slated for April 5 in the hall,  7 p.m. Including installation of new officers.

Come out and get first hand information on what is happening and exercise your right to vote on upcoming activities. All comments and suggestions help your executive decide what direction to follow

It’s also a chance to meet with fellow Legion members and share a smile or two. Hope to see you all there. I know I will be.

This month’s Veteran’s Luncheon  is slated for April 6 at noon.  A fabulous lunch supplied by our incredible LA ladies.

What would we do without them – I shudder at the thought. They are a valuable part of our branch and we are grateful for all they do.

Rumour has it that Doreen may be entertaining everyone with her piano playing abilities.

It’s always good to hear about those who continue to offer their talents for the enjoyment of others.

Just to give you a bit of a heads up there is a Spring Tea planned for April 23 and at that time there will also be an Easter bonnet contest.

Yes, you heard right, just like the old days.  I can remember way back when my daughter Auti, her cousin Hillary and my son Connor (yes it is open to boys as well) entered the contest.

I can’t remember if any one of them won, but I do have a lovely picture of them all sitting in a tree, smiling from ear to ear,  proudly displaying their creations on their heads. Good times.

It’s not too early to start planning just how to take the title of “best” in this bonnet contest, but beware, I plan on entering my grandson’s bonnet and he is pretty cute so I am hoping for first place.

Yes, I challenge all of you to best my little guy in this challenge of the bonnets.

See you all at the next general meeting.

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see in this column please stop by and chat with me and I’ll do my best to include your ideas.

Until then, stop in for coffee and enjoy all your Legion has to offer.

Sharon MacDonald is a Legion member.

Editor’s note: I took top prize for my bonnet and with it a giant peanut-butter egg. Yum.