Have bicycle will travel

When Tony Jaffray realized the only time he used his vehicle was to get back and forth to work, he intentionally didn’t renew his insurance which forced him to ride his bike.

“At first it was a cost-saving measure, but I’ve been commuting to work for 13 years now and it feels good,” Jaffray said.

At first he worked downtown but now with his job at West Fraser, his round-trip is about 18k.

Jaffray said as a kid he rode a bike but as an adult he admitted he made excuses because it was easier to drive the vehicle.

“But once I made that decision, I’m very happy with that,” he said.

“Now I want to ride, maybe even a little competitive biking.”

Jaffray’s commute takes him up Plywood hill and when he’s on night shift, that can be a very dark ride.

He also said he’s been cut off a few times and always pretty much is ready to stop, with his hands on the brakes at all times.

“And the dust is bad right now,” he said.

“As is the car exhaust.

“It would be nice to have more awareness and consideration of people biking and walking on the roads.”

Jaffray also appreciates his ride home helps clear his mind for the day at work.

“I have a repetitive job and by the time I bike home my mind is clear,” he said with a smile.

Jaffray is one of several local people nominated in the Commuter Challenge 2011.

The challenge is to nominate someone you know who rides their bike, walks, runs or in any way gets to work, school or around town under their own steam regardless of the weather.

The challenge is sponsored by Baker Creek Enhancement Society and the Quesnel Climate Action Group who will vote on who the best commuters are on Clean Air Day, June 8 and prizes will be awarded.