Hiroko Igarashi arrives in Quesnel

Community welcomes newest Japanese volunteer who looks forward to meeting people

Quesnel seems to be a favourite stop for Japanese volunteers looking to expand their English skills and share their culture with Canadians.

Hiroko Igarashi from Yokohama, a small village near Tokyo, has arrived July 8 directly from Japan to help Quesnel/Shiraoi Twinning Society with activities and programs.

Hiroko is 32 years old and loves different foods, baking and cooking as well as Japanese calligraphy and basketball.

Her study major at Tamagawa University for four years was agriculture as she loves working outside in a farming or gardening environment.

While in her own country, Hiroko worked for a shipping company, Nippon Yusen Kaisha, in customer service where she gave estimates for foreign countries.

She felt it was a great opportunity and she commented, “I enjoyed working with my awesome co-workers.”

Three years ago, Hiroko studied English at two different schools in Victoria, B.C., Victoria International Academy and Global Village.

Although both were great experiences, she said she particularly enjoyed the Victoria International Academy.

With a strong desire to continue to improve her English skills, Hiroko will spend one year in Canada. When she leaves Quesnel, Hiroko travels east to Toronto where she’ll work part time.

In the meantime, Hiroko is enjoying the fun, food and the occasional game of pool.