It’s time to step up and be heard

Lion's Club of Quesnel is looking for the public's input on what big project is top priority

Quesnel Lions Club wants to hear from you.

The service club is looking to launch a major community project on a grand scale but they want to hear from the community just what they see as the priorities.

They’ve devised a survey (short and long form) which canvasses the opinion of ordinary local citizens to see which projects rank highest.

“The club is looking for a new initiative to support,” said community betterment committee co-chair Mitch Vik said.

“Be it a social, recreational, environmental or other need, the Lions Club wants to put their efforts toward a large project which will help Quesnel grow.”

Quesnel Lions Club president Orville Milligan explained why they want to take on such a major challenge.

“We would like to help Quesnel in a large way,” he said.

“We’ve developed a questionnaire and are now circulating it around town. From the results, we will figure out where to put our efforts.”

He said this will be in addition to their traditional service work.

During the month of March, Lions members are distributing questionnaires as well as conducting interviews to find out what the people of Quesnel feel deserves concerted action. This includes copies of the short questionnaire in three Observer issues. People can clip out the questionnaire, fill it out and return it to KMAX at 246 St. Laurent Ave. or the Observer office.

Those wishing to complete the questionnaire electronically can e-mail to receive either the short or long version.

“Lions work very hard to raise funds and we take pride in that,” Vik said.

He said 60 years ago, Quesnel Lions were the first service club to financially commit to the current arena by purchasing the specialty roof trusses. Since then, the Lions take pride in their involvement with the CNC/UNBC campus through sponsorship of one of the rooms, members were instrumental in helping secure Quesnel’s CATscan machine and last year Lions built a playhouse, raffled it off during Billy Barker Days with proceeds to the Easter Seal House in Vancouver.

“Last year, in partnership with the Knights of Columbus, purchased three Stryker beds for Dunrovin Park Lodge,” Vik said.

“Quesnel, in these hard times, needs the help of committed volunteers and service groups like the Lions Club to come together to identify and meet the big challenges facing our community.

“This is a bold move for us to solicit the opinion of the community as to what they see as the biggest need.

“We’ll respect the community’s opinions, we’ll listen to the community’s input and consider it very seriously.”