Katimavik says goodbye and thanks for the hospitality

Volunteers were impressed with the community, their billets and the spirit of Quesnel

Since their arrival in Quesnel, Jan. 4, Katimavik volunteers from all across Canada have been overwhelmed with the community’s generosity – especially that of the local residents who recently opened their doors to welcome these young people into their homes for 12 days.

Group members were amazed at the warmth shown by the Quesnel residents who showed them a local perspective of the town and wanted to take the time to thank their hosts.

During the billeting period, youth continued to volunteer locally while taking advantage of a privileged opportunity to experience daily life in the region.

“Billeting was a nice opportunity to absorb the real Quesnel community,” Alex Beaumont Vachon, 17, from St. Felicien, QC, said.

“It’s very interesting to see how people can be so welcoming to a person that they never met before and when they aren’t familiar with his culture, his way of life and even his language.”

Now nearing the end of their stay in Quesnel, the Katimavik youth are gearing up for their move to Montreal, where they will spend their final three months in the program continuing their volunteer work and developing lifelong personal and professional skills.

They would like to take the time to thank the community and invite you to a farewell party, March 23, 6 p.m. in the Quesnel Youth Soccer Association board room.

For further information on Katimavik visit www.katimavik.org or visit www.gokatimavik.com.