Katimavik volunteers thank Quesnel residents


Volunteers returned to their Katimavik house today, after 12 days of billeting with local residents. Group members were amazed at the warmth shown by Quesnel residents who opened their homes to them and wanted to take the time to thank their hosts. During the billeting period, youth continued to volunteer locally while taking advantage of a privileged opportunity to experience daily life in Cariboo-North.

“Billeting was awesome!” Rebecca Talboom, from Ontario said.

“Even though I was just with one person, I felt like I was part of a family. We got to bond and laugh together!”

Katimavik promotes civic engagement and fosters sustainable communities through challenging national youth service programs.

Since 1977, Katimavik has enabled more than 30,000 Canadians to be involved in more than 2,000 communities throughout Canada. Volunteers between the ages of 17 and 21 live with 10 other youth from across the country in one or two communities.

They commit to volunteering in the context of a six-month program where they will provide work 28 to 35 hours a week for a variety of not-for-profit organizations.

Youth also benefit from Katimavik’s structured learning program that focuses on the development of lifelong personal, professional and social competencies in the areas of civic engagement, healthy lifestyle, cultural discovery, official languages, communication, environmental stewardship and project coordination.

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