Legion gears up for Easter tea and parade

Last Tuesday was the monthly general meeting and we certainly addressed a few of the outstanding items that have been on the calendar since February.

Thank you to all who attended this meeting.  Nothing can go forward without a quorum and it is frustrating when there is so much to be done. So again, a heartfelt thank you.

We now have a new second vice president. Ken Lewington accepted this position which was vacated when the second vice accepted the position of first vice when Art Leer stepped down.

We welcome Ken and are quite confident he will make a wonderful addition to our executive.

The sell-off from the Febreeze was a huge success netting the Legion more than $1,500.

Thank you to all who bought items. You got a wonderful deal and the Legion received much needed funds.

Clown and Country are hosting two performances in the hall, April 20 – a matinee performance at 1:30 p.m. and an evening performance at 7:30 p.m.

The cost for this show is $20 per person and promises to be very entertaining for all ages.

April 23 the Legion is hosting its Easter Tea and Easter Bonnet Parade. There is no cost to come out and enjoy this event and cheer on your favourite bonnet.

Now, in case you have not heard, this Easter bonnet parade is open to all ages and to both male and female. Just think, when was the last time you took part in a bonnet parade and the sky is the limit. You can decorate a ballcap, a helmet, etc or go in for the more traditional sunbonnet with flowers and lace. Really let your imagination run wild and see what the results bring.  This will be wonderful fun to not only view but to participate in as well.

Saturday night the Old Time Fiddlers held their monthly dance which was well attended. The crowd kicked up their heels and had a wonderful time.

Sunday, the Zone held their meeting in Quesnel with representation from all branches of the Legion in our zone.

This was an opportunity to network with other Legions and learn about what is going on in other branches, and hopefully pick up some pointers on how to keep the Legion active.

Sunday nights have been well attended with the new and improved jam sessions.  These sessions are open to all ages and are held in the lounge. The bar is not open, but non-alcoholic beverages are available.

The admission is only $3.50 at the door for an evening of local talent and entertainment.  If you want to participate, all you need to do is sign up at the door when you enter and get ready to impress your audience with your talents.

The LIFESTYLES event is fast approaching. Booths are still available for rent by calling the Legion office during business hours.

We already have one side of the twin arenas completed booked up with a car show; the streets will be blocked for the setup of industrial and heavy duty equipment.

Also on display will be modular homes, hot tubs and spas, RVs and a wide variety of vendors. If you have not booked yet, please hurry in and sign up. We will also need volunteers for setup. If you are available, please step up and lend a hand.

Remember to pop into the Legion for ROLL CALL – I believe the pot is over $70 but you must be present when your name is called in order to win.

Names are announced weekdays at 12:30 and on Saturday at 3 p.m. If you wear a red shirt on Friday you will be eligible for a free coffee.

Just one more reason to drop in for a visit at your local Legion.

Sharon MacDonald is Legion member.