Legion gears up for home and garden show

What a time we are having in our snowy town this last week. 

What a time we are having in our snowy town this last week. 

The Legion had to cancel its Flea Market Sunday due to road conditions but the snow did not keep those hardy women from the Ladies Auxiliary from attending at the Legion throughout the week to prepare their wonderful Ukrainian feast. 

I had the good fortune to be able to help them Friday.

I was taught by Frieda, a petite Ukranian lady who has the cabbage roll down to an art.

I am sure she was secretly wishing she could redo every roll I made, but her good manners kept her hands away.

While  a half dozen of us were rolling away, Rose McHone was sitting in the corner cracking everyone up with her jokes and funny remarks.

Then Saturday, Fran, Arlene and myself started at 9 a.m. cutting, dicing, and grating for hours for Fran’s famous borschte.

With only one short break for a delicious turkey sandwich we all continued on cooking, cutting, setting tables, washing dishes, etc., as more of those hardworking LA ladies appeared like magic, each taking on more tasks.

Rose Bergeson, who is the queen of perogy cooking, taught me a trick of two – not even close to heart smart cooking, but oh so very yummy.

I may have missed helping originally with the making of these delicious homemade perogies.

But I did not miss out with eating my fair share.

There is not enough snow in the Cariboo for me to shovel to make up for this feast, but it was well worth it. 

On and on these LA women laboured all the while chatting, laughing and poking fun at each other until the last dish was washed around 9:30 p.m.

Now you need to appreciate that these are not young women out for coffee and a chat.

These women are mostly kissing their seventh or eighth decade and are joyfully putting in hours of endless work.

Now, I do not consider myself a wimp, but my Sunday was spent recouping from that long day.

How do these women do this week after week – my hat is off to all of you ladies – we are definitely blessed.

Thanks for letting me enjoy your company and laughter and learn some skills as well. 

OK, for those of you attending regularly at the branch you will have noticed that a roll call board has been posted behind the bar.

Each day of the week is listed and the name that was drawn is shown beside that day of the week.

Remember you need to be in the Legion when your name is called in order to win the jackpot – good news is that it has not been claimed yet, so it just keeps adding up. 

Come in Tuesday – Friday 12:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 p.m. to test your luck.

Friday night the Legion hosted its first rock/rap jam in the hall.

This is a new event and it is hoped that everyone will enjoy this new format.

The last jam in

the lounge is slated for this Friday Jan.

21 with Country Caliber. 

So come on in and enjoy yourself while you listen to the

tunes of this favourite band.

The Legion is planning its Home and Garden/Trades and Auto Fair, May 6 – 8.

Here are some interesting facts:

The first trades fair was June 17, 1967.

The original booths were built in Karl Johnson’s back yard; the original shows were started to raise money for seniors’ housing – Dunrovin, which was a Legion initiative.

We used to have a boat and motor raffle, but this was changed in the mid 80’s to a raffle with many prizes, which was very popular.

The auto show was added in the mid 1980’s.

The last Legion show was in 2006, with a company from Kamloops running the show for four years.

But, (drumroll please) because of so many requests to have the Legion resume control of the show, we are getting back into business.

The auto show will also be back with us this year, ensuring that all

the benefits stay


Stay tuned for more information on this popular event.

And if you want to book a booth, it’s not too early.

Drop by the Legion and see for yourself, there is always something happening.

Sharon MacDonald is a Branch 94 member.