Quesnel artist receives $10,000 scholarship

Chelsey Kuhn, 19, is Kelowna bound, with a $10,000 scholarship to study at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

Chelsey Kuhn, 19, is Kelowna bound, with a $10,000 scholarship to study at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

After graduating high school, Kuhn wasn’t sure which career path was right for her, so she took some time off to discover her passions.

“She decided she would love to train for a career in animation,” marketing coordinator at the school, MaryBeth Lafferty, explained.

Despite being unsure about the cost associated with her training in animation, Kuhn decided to study in Kelowna starting in July, which was when the Centre for Arts and Technology was announcing recipients of their president’s scholarship.

“The applications went out nationwide and we received a lot of great applicants,” Lafferty said.

“It was Chelsea’s passion, determination and raw talent that really made her application stand above the rest and it really paid off.”

Kuhn’s application stood out with her inclusion of reference letters, an interview with a professional animator and two animation shorts, when only one was required.

Kuhn admits she wasn’t sure how her application held up against the others who were after the scholarship.

“Since I took some time to decide on a career choice, I didn’t think I would have the same opportunities to apply for scholarships, since many are offered to students in grade 12,” she said.

Kuhn had a hard time coming to grips with the fact she had beaten out the competition to secure the scholarship.

“I just couldn’t believe I was chosen,” she explained.

“As soon as I got off the phone, I told my parents.”

Kuhn chose a career in animation as it’s something she has always taken an interest in.

“I loved animated movies growing up and I love the 3D movies today,” she said.

“But I never really had an interest in becoming an animator until a little while ago.

“The more I learn about what it is to be an animator, the more I think the job suits me and that I will love doing it.”

Although the animation aspect is new for Kuhn, she has always had an interest in drawing and knew a career in art was for her. She says her influence comes mostly from nature.

Kuhn has a range of interests when it comes to what she likes to draw.

“I don’t really have a favorite thing to draw or paint,” she said.

“I go through phases, I love doing landscapes, but I also love doing animals and buildings.

“But right now, I really want to do portraits.”

Kuhn is looking forward to having a career which she will enjoy for a long time.

“I am most excited about creating something people will enjoy and having a job that I know I’ll love doing everyday,” she said.

As for which part of the program she’s mostly looking forward to, one part sticks out for Kuhn.

“I’m excited to learn how to make my characters come to life with the 3D animation programs,” she explained.

There is no doubt Kuhn has set her sights high and has set ambitious goals for herself.

“I am hoping to one day work as an animator for a company like Dreamworks or Pixar and create movies like Shrek and Tangled.”

For now, Kuhn is counting down the days until the move to Kelowna and basking in the excitement of her achievement.

“Every time I think about it I get excited.” she said.

“I am so grateful.”

The Centre for Arts and Technology has three campuses nationwide, the Kelowna campus, one in Halifax and one in Fredericton.

The Kelowna campus opened in 2002 and offers programs such as interior design, graphic design, digital filmmaking and veterinary hospital assistant.

For more information about the president’s scholarship and other scholarships available, call 1-866-860-2787.