Joeseph Hayworth shared the code his brother and him discovered years ago on his Youtube channel. (Youtube)

Joeseph Hayworth shared the code his brother and him discovered years ago on his Youtube channel. (Youtube)

Quesnel gamer shares lost secrets of retro game

Joeseph Hayworth and his brother discovered the secret years ago

When Joeseph Hayworth was young he and his brother, like many siblings, would fight.

When fighting over the controller of a video game years ago, the duo produced a result Hayworth thinks has never been replicated.

By entering in a specific code in the Sega Master game Golvellius, Hayworth is able to enter start with all the items in the game, and easy access to later areas.

The code is one that could only be found by fighting brothers, made up of 23 Es and one U.

“I was looking into it and I couldn’t find that password anywhere else on Google, the internet, or anything,” Hayworth said. “I came to the realization maybe only me and my older brother actually know this trick.”

Hayworth isn’t able to complete the game despite it appearing trivial. To complete Golvellius, players must collect a certain item, and when playing with the code active, those items are unavailable.

“I think they might have put it in as a development code to test stuff, but I’m not really sure, and I don’t have anyone to ask,” Hayworth said. “The only other thing I can think of is (the code) is to be able to walk around and check out all the areas without defeating them.”

Hayworth works as a scaffolder during the summer, and streams retro video games in his off-season. He’s hoping sharing codes like this will help his channel take off.

Hayworth said he misses the sense of discovery retro games provide.

“I find games are getting further away from the codes,” he said. “I used to subscribe to books like tips and tricks, and Nintendo Power, and all those things.”

Despite trying to boost his Youtube channel, Hayworth wanted to clear who made the discovery.

“As much as I’d like to take credit for it, I have to credit my older brother,” he said. “I was just lucky enough to still have a game console.”

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