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Quesnel health-care professionals give stuffies a clean bill of health

A teddy bear clinic was held during Billy Barker Days on July 17

Children brought their favourite stuffies down to LeBourdais Park to be examined by various health-care professionals on Sunday, July 17.

The teddy tear clinic was a hit, with dozens of children participating in the afternoon event sponsored by the Billy Barker Days Society.

Dr. Mohamed Elbira examined each plush toy or stuffed animal, listened to their chest with his stethoscope and covered up any wounds or made an arm sling depending on the diagnosis.

Each child received a “prescription” by Dr. Elbira for their stuffies which was filled by pharmacists Josh Evanson and Erin Trott.

Evanson was pleased to participate in the teddy bear clinic, which he said helps children not be anxious about health-care professionals.

Dental assistant Chelsea Fenton provided the plush toys and stuffed animals with a dental examination.

Their eyes were also examined by optometrist assistant Stephanie Lachapelle and optician Muninder Clair who said the event provided the opportunity to show children how important their eyes are.

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