Quesnel Lions paw over survey results

In an effort to find out what the community would like to see done, local Lions Club survey asked that question

Lions Club members compile the results of their community survey.

Lions Club members compile the results of their community survey.

The Quesnel Lions Club received the results of their community betterment questionnaire and has decided to take action.

Lions members distributed the questionnaire throughout the Quesnel community during the month of March. 195 citizens completed it.

“The results have given us a clear idea on what the community feels to be most important,” said Lions President Orville Milligan, “and now it’s up to us to act!” At their April meeting, the Lions pawed over the results. According to the responses, out of eight areas of community life, health care ranked the highest.  Specifically, housing for groups in need was seen as tremendously important as was developing a seniors’ project. They then looked at their capacity to help and decided that these issues might be combined.  At last week’s meeting of May 17, a motion to embark on a ‘housing project’ was approved enthusiastically.

“We would like to thank all the community members who took the time to fill out our survey,” Milligan said, Now it’s up to the Lions and other community organizations to make this project a reality.”

For more information, contact Nate Bello at (250) 992-3650.