Quesnel unit grateful to rotating presidents

Monthly column provides information on Canadian Cancer Society Quesnel unit

Thank you to Anne Burgess for continuing on in the president’s role until our December meeting.  Ron Campbell will be the president from then until our January meeting, and Anne will be president after that until our February meeting.  Trev Guldbransen will take over as president at our March meeting.  At our February meeting, we hope to line up presidents for February, April, May, and June..

Meanwhile, our work continues with the office being kept open by volunteers from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday – Friday.  The office, will however be closed as usual for the school Christmas Break, beginning Dec. 19.  The office will re-open on Jan. 3, 2012.  At our January meeting, we will discuss whether we have enough office volunteers to keep the office open each day from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., as we have done in the past.

Our traditional pot-luck Christmas luncheon/meeting is scheduled for noon on Dec. 14.  Members who plan to attend are requested to notify the office that they will be attending, and if possible advise what sort of a dish they will bring.  This information allows the convenors to appropriately plan for the luncheon.  Please cooperate!

Christmas cakes, truffles and spiced German gingerbread cookies are available to purchase at our office during office hours.  They will also be sold at all three Christmas Farmers Markets, and at Integris Credit Union, Dec. 9.  Prices remain the same for cakes ($15); and truffles ($10).  Spiced Gingerbread Cookies will sell for $6 per bag.

The final total raised by Cops for Cancer was $19,360.  Well done!

Thank you to Amber Drake for coordinating, again this year, the Rent-a-Santa/Mrs. Claus Program.  Businesses and individuals who wish to book a Santa/Mrs. Claus for their Christmas activity should call the Unit Office at 250-992-6551.  Office volunteers will record the required information and Ms. Drake will arrange the booking.  Cost to rent a Santa/Mrs. Claus is $40 for the first hour, and $30 for every half-hour after that.  To rent a Santa/Mrs. Claus for Christmas Eve costs $50.  Anyone interested in being a Santa or Mrs. Claus should call Cathy at 250-747-2510, or Amber at 250-249-9655.

We will begin organizing our Daffodil Campaign at our January meeting.  Elizina and Trevor would like six more volunteers to help with the organizing.  Both flowers and pins will be offered in March/April, as they were last year.

Relay For Life will be held on Saturday May 26, 2012.  Registration is now open at  www.relaybc.ca – register online before Jan.  31, 2012 for $10.  If you have some time to give in the fight against cancer and want to help with Relay For Life,  call the Unit Office or call Cathy Briggs 250-747-2510.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Olive Walsh is a volunteer with Quesnel Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society.