Shiraoi delegation enjoys time in Quesnel

Seven delegation members were shown around the town and met several local people

A recent delegation from Shiraoi

A recent delegation from Shiraoi

Seven delegation members from Shiraoi, Japan arrived safely in Quesnel Nov. 3, 2011.  Three of the  visitors were in Quesnel for the first time.

Members of Quesnel/ Shiraoi Twinning Society welcomed them as they came walking in Quesnel / Shiraoi House doors.

They all had big smiles and looked very happy to finally be in Quesnel after their long drive from Vancouver .

Quesnel Shiraoi Twinning monthly dinner meeting coincided with the delegation’s arrival. Many members were in attendance that evening to meet the delegation and the Japanese meal was prepared by our Japanese  volunteers earlier that afternoon.

On Saturday it was a very busy time at Quesnel Shiraoi House with many activities, such as flower arranging, weaving slippers out of used material, tea ceremony and games. The seven delegates enjoyed their  busy time in the City with lots to do and invitations to homes of society members.

Before they left the delegates wanted to do something different and special to treat the  Quesnel / Shiraoi  Twinning members.  They  each prepared  different Japanese  dishes  for us to enjoy on Sunday.

That evening as the twinning members walked up to the front of Shiraoi House the aromas of cooked skewers, chicken and vegetables roasting away outside the doors on small grill had their mouths watering.

As they entered the doors, more amazing aromas of a variety of tempura and other tasty dishes filled the building. Everything was decorated with flowers.

Everyone was delighted with the delicious Japanese meal and the company .

On Monday morning the delegation drove off  for the rest of their site-seeing adventure of British Columbia and Alberta.

Diane Graham is a member of the Shiraoi Twinning Society.