Take a walk and support spinal cord research

Walk and Wheel slated for May 3 beginning at Ceal Tingley Park

RBC staff were on hand to present Walk and Wheel organizer Bill Carter with a cheque for $1

RBC staff were on hand to present Walk and Wheel organizer Bill Carter with a cheque for $1

The public is invited to join in the Walk and Wheel event, Saturday  May 3  starting at 10 a.m. from Ceal Tingley Park.

Our goal is singular and that is a cure and  nothing short of  it. We hope people can  find the time to come out and do the  river front trail with us, meet some  new people or bring along an old friend  or family member. We will have  free refreshments  available.

At this time it is necessary to  thank all the businesses,  employees of businesses and the  general public that have  donated to  this cause in the past;  your generosity and  continued support and  belief in  our cause is  very much  appreciated.

Research has  come along  way and  continues to move  forward. The hope, as  it should be for all  charitable groups,  is to find an end to a  problem and  shut down.

As  you are all  aware, life has many challenges and in the case  of spinal  cord injury, of which I’m familiar, my hope is for those that  are not yet  injured to never have to live a  life of immobility and of  non-voluntary body control. Injuries will  continue to  take place, but with a cure life should be able to  continue as was the case before injury.

When the time comes for human trials there will not be a  shortage of  people willing to  take part, so pressure is  on neurosurgeons to learn all that research has provided and to  take the  next step and try a non-invasive surgical  technique with regards to the spinal cord.

lt is not an easy  task but one that  must be  taken. Surgeons are  taking a  good look at the research that has been  done.

Dr. Ann Parr, a Canadian-trained  neurosurgeon working at the  University of  Minnesota, has assembled a  team to help work out a  solution and do their  part in bringing about a cure.

Please  consider helping us out by  getting a pledge sheet so  this work continue or by making a  donation to the Quesnel Chapter  of the Spinal Cord Society.

Feel  free to give me a call any time  at 250-992-1505(w) or 250-992-5996(h).

lt would be  great to see  lots of people join us at the Walk  and Wheel.

Remember all are  welcomed.

–Bill  Carter, Quesnel Chapter  of the Spinal Cord Society