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VIDEO: Popular Australian YouTuber takes on the Chilliwack River on raft made from logs

Beau Miles’ offbeat exploits have earned him 600,000 subscribers and 37 million views

“A bad raft will still give you a bloody good time.”

That’s a quote from popular Australian YouTuber Beau Miles after floating a makeshift raft down part of the Chilliwack River in one of his latest expeditions.

Miles’ quirky and fun approach to either doing unusual things, or doing regular things in an unusual way, has earned him more than 600,000 subscribers across the world and 37 million views.

“With a string of successful films under his belt, Beau has become known for his offbeat candour, authentic insight and willingness to do ordinary things in a less than ordinary way,” is how he is described on his website.

The red-head has produced videos of planting a tree every minute for 24 hours, attempting to paddle the 4,000 kilometres from one side of Africa to the other, and his most recent video, running a marathon throughout the hallways, stairwells, pool and lobby of a luxury hotel in Seattle.

But his second last video brought him to Chilliwack where he headed up the Chilliwack River Valley with river guide named Dave.

There, he gathered chunks of fallen trees, small logs, and constructed a crude raft with just the wood and yellow rope. He gets on the raft, accompanied by a cameraperson, and Dave in a kayak, he hit the Chilliwack River on the rickety craft using a chunk of wood as an oar.

“Look at this place, it’s frickin’ amazing,” he says. “Canada, you are frickin’ amazing.”

He said he has lived in Canada, but he never went rafting let alone built a raft so he gave it a try.

“A 10-year-old could do this with a bit more time,” he declared after finishing his creation.

“This is the worst raft ever built in Canada,” he said. “But a bad raft will still give you a bloody good time.”

There are links to all his films and his books on his website,

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Video still from Australian YouTuber Beau Miles building a raft out of downed trees before floating down the Chilliwack River. (YouTube)