War Amps mark 95 years and 1.5 million keys returned

Quesnel amputee Courtney McLaughlin is a member of the War Amps Child Amputee Program

Gold Pan resident Courtney McLaughlin

Gold Pan resident Courtney McLaughlin

The annual key tag mailing to B.C. residents is now underway by the War Amps, which has recently achieved two significant milestones – its 95th anniversary and 1.5 million sets of keys returned to Canadians.

The theme of this year’s mailing, “There From The Start” touches on how the association was there for returning World War I amputees in 1918 and has continued to serve amputees across the generations up to the present day.

This is illustrated through the story of Robin, born 15 years ago missing part of her left arm.  Enrolled at three months of age in the War Amps Child Amputee Program (CHAMP), she receives financial assistance for artificial limbs, counselling and attends regional CHAMP seminars.  It was at an early seminar that Robin saw another amputee and realized she was not alone, a memory that can still bring her mother to tears.

Wanting to give back, Robin and her mother became involved in the War Amps Matching Mothers, and were soon paired up with Brenda and her baby daughter Chloe, who was born with a similar amputation.

“They were just like family and walked through the door with their scrapbook and brought all Robin’s artificial limbs. It was very comforting to sit there with someone who had gone through the same thing we have,” Brenda said.

The story of Robin and Chloe can be viewed at waramps.ca or youtube.com/warampsofcanada.

Public support of the War Amps Key Tag Service allows the association to continue to be there from the start.  Key tags protect any keys, not just car keys, and are more vital than ever with the extremely high replacement cost of keys and remote devices.   Each key tag has a confidentially coded number. Should the keys be lost, the finder need only call the toll-free number on the back of the tag, or deposit them in any mailbox and the keys will be returned to the owner by bonded courier.

The War Amps receives no government grants. For more information, or to order key tags, call toll-free 1 800 250-3030 or visit waramps.ca.  The War Amps can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.